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How to Create an Event Box

An Event Box is just a rectangular region that you designate on the ground.  It is used when creating conditions either for Mission Components or Faction AI, to tell Armored Task Force what region to look at to test a condition.

You can Create an Event Ellipse in the same way, except that you select 'Ellipse' instead of 'Box' from the 'Event' menu.  Event Ellipses are identical to Event Boxes, except that they are elliptical rather than rectangular.  There are also only a limited number of conditions that use Ellipses.

Create an Event Box:

1. Select the 'Box' function from the 'Event' menu in the ATF Scenario Builder.  The currently defined Event Box will be displayed in Blue, if applicable.  If that is the box you want, you can select the 'Box' menu item again (or hit the 'Esc' key) to cancel the process of defining a new event box.

2. Click on one of the corners of the box and then, while holding the left mouse button down, drag to the opposite corner of the box.  Release the left mouse button when you are complete.

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