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How to Create Weather Events in the Environment Component

The Falklands War adds weather to the Armored Task Force Engine.  These weather events are discreet events, that start and stop at trigger times, which can negatively or positively impact visibility and/or movement.  They are also tailored so that they can effect different unit types (dismounts, ground vehicles, amphibious vehicles, fixed-wing aircraft, rotary-wing aircraft) in different ways.

This topic, of course, assumes that you have opened a scenario in The Falklands War Scenario Builder, using the steps described in Create a New Scenario.

1. Select 'Environment' from the 'Component' menu.

2. When the Environment Dialog is displayed, select 'Add'.

3. Select 'Weather Event' from the list.

4. Fill out the form.  For both visibility and movement entries, 1.0 means that the units will behave normally.  Less than 1.0 represents the degree of degradation the units will operate at.  
Weather Name.  This name appears in the clock dialog or status bar (if 'no clock dialog' configuration is selected.
Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Illumination.  If set, these values change the Environment variables.
View Reduction, etc.  Operates just as view reduction in terrain types.  Any '-99' settings will default to the 'view reduction'.  Here, we want fixed wing aircraft to be unaffected by weather, so we explicitly set it to 1.0.
Move Reduction, etc.  Also operates identically to terrain.  As with view reduction '-99' settings will default to the value set in 'move reduction'.

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