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How to Add Vehicle Help Pictures to Vehicles

Raging Tiger also implements the ability to customize the picture that appears in a 'Vehicle Specs' window when the player selects 'Vehicle Specs' from a vehicle context menu or the 'Help' menu during game play.  This is a great tool to bring novice game players into your scenario, by giving them an idea what the vehicles they are fighting with and against look like.

Add a Vehicle Help Picture to a Vehicle:

This topic assumes you have added or opened a vehicle for editing, using the steps in 'Create a new vehicle'.

1. Select 'Help Picture' from the bottom right portion of the Vehicle Edit dialog.

2. Select the picture you want to correspond to this vehicle in the 'Vehicle Specs' window and select 'OK'.  The picture must be in a format which can be displayed in Internet Explorerô.

3. That's it!  The picture will now be displayed, instead of the Raging Tiger logo, in the 'Vehicle Specs' window for this vehicle.

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