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It's now easier than ever to link up with competitors in the Armored Task Force Arena. The ATF Commander's List is a new tool offered free here at Join the list today and add your name to the roles of the most accomplished wargamers in the world. Or choose one of the names from the list below and contact them directly from the Internet to issue your challenge.

Armored Task Force Players

Screen Name: Player Name: ICQ Number:Wins:Losses:
CPT PPatrick Proctor
Red 6John Osborne
Shaman4341Sean Scarry
Viper-3William Payton23281609
Col.BuckyH. M.
SargeJoseph Carruthers
Gary BeGary Bezant
Saber 12Larry Pinkerton
ChimeraJohn Jones
Savagerjouni stenfors
MkIXMark Kaiser37868458

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