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Armored Task Force explores modern, combined- arms warfare at the tactical levels of company and battalion task force-sized elements.  It has all of the features which BCT fans have grown to love.  But it also adds a whole suite of new friendly AI functions to automate all of those routine tasks that the player used to have to do manually.  He are just a few of the new features which we we have packed into Armored Task ForceClick here to see more.

Updates for All of our ATF Engine Titles!

Upgrades Available at Shrapnel Games website!

As we went through the development cycle for Air Assault Task Force, and took what was best from the ATF Engine, we identified a few things we could "police up" in the ATF Engine games. As we have completed development of Air Assault Task Force, we are now able to release all of these improvements to our earlier games, as free upgrades.

These are all cumulative upgrades, so you do not have to install previous upgrades. They are included in these new upgrades.

Below are the links for the downloads page for each title. See those pages, and the "Read Me" file for each game, for a list of the major upgrades in each title.

Armored Task Force
Version 1.08

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War
Version 1.17

The Falklands War: 1982
Version 1.24

The Star and the Crescent
Version 1.33

Installing Multiple Titles in the Same Folder

As a reminder, for all of those who install all of the games on top of one another (to permit playing of older scenarios in the newer engine), you will need to reinstall the release versions of the games as well. Use this install order (omitting any titles you don't have--shame on you--and their respective patches).

ATF -> ATF Upgrade -> RT -> RT Upgrade -> TFW -> TFW Upgrade -> TSATC -> TSATC Upgrade

When you get Air Assault Task Force, you can install it on top of all of these previous games, and play all of the older scenarios in the AATF Engine, complete with the upgrades it provides.


Armored Task Force Version 1.14 Released!

ProSIM Company releases an update to this modern classic.

We have just completed a new update to Armored Task ForceVersion 1.05 includes several long-awaited features and a fixes to some minor issues from previous releases.  Here are a few of the larger updates.

  • Position Area Formation.  The Position Area formation has been refined in several regards, including to better use terrain, better replicate light infantry operations, and better position mortars.

  • Scenario “Flipping”.  Tools have been added to the Armored Task Force Scenario Builder, to allow users to flip scenarios so that “red” forces are played by the player, and “blue” forces become AI-controlled (users will still have to script Faction AI for computer-controlled forces, however).

  • Protected Mode Startup.  We have added shortcuts that start Armored Task Force, the ATF Scenario Builder, and the ATF Power Toolkit in ‘Protected Mode’.  This is intended for players that experience problems with their video cards that require disabling of hardware acceleration.  You can find these shortcuts in a sub-menu of the ‘Armored Task Force’ folder in the ‘Programs’ menu.

  • Fix->Breach Path-Finding.  Units frequently got “hung up” in obstacle breaches.  We have improved this path-finding routine.

  • Fix->Artillery Traverse.  Traverse times for artillery fire missions were not being computed properly.  If one limit was set to “0”, this bug could cause a crash to desktop.

  • Fix->Import Database.  This function no longer causes a hard crash to desktop.

  •  Fix->Auto-Generate SBF.  An error caused the map builder in the Power Toolkit to ‘hang’ when creating new AI Maps.

  • Fix->Aircraft on the Ground.  Line of sight calculations for fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft now includes both line of sight and terrain calculations.  Also, an ‘On the ground’ notification has been added to aircraft info windows. 

  • Fix->Enemy Road Craters.  Adding enemy road craters to a scenario caused a crash to desktop.  This has been corrected.

  • Fix->Number of Breaches.  Changing the number of breaches in an engineer vehicle in a database now updates the units of that type in each scenario that is loaded.

  • Fix->Smoke Crash.  In the scenario builder, giving the ‘smoke’ order via a hierarchy context-sensitive menu caused a crash.  This has been fixed.

  • Fix->FC Paste Crash.  Giving the ‘FC Paste’ order (from the ‘SOP’ menu) in the Scenario Builder no longer causes a crash to desktop.

  • Fix->Indirect Fire Randomness.  Code has been added to make the impact points of indirect fire more ‘random’.

  • Fix->Duplicate Hierarchy Names.  Adding packages and pasting units in the Scenario Builder could potential cause hierarchies in one faction to have the same name as factions in another, which could cause errors when issuing hierarchy orders.  Code has been added to detect and correct this error.

  • Fix->Disappearing Units.  When canceling ‘Edit’ from the ‘Units’ menu, units were not turned back on for drawing until the main window was updated by scrolling or some other method.

  • Fix->Save Game Reset.  Saving and reloading a game reset all of the artillery ammo for a scenario.  This has been corrected.

  • Fix->Start Order.  The ‘Add Package’ function now adds a ‘Start Time’ order, with a time, to the base nodes of the units and hierarchies added, for neutral and enemy packages.

  • Fix->Mission Objectives.  Time mission objectives are now correctly described in the ‘Results’ page at the end of the game.

  • Fix->Spot Report.  The spot report log had a typo with two ‘an’s on observed enemy or neutral units.

This is just a fraction of the total upgrades in Version 1.05.  To get it now, click here.

When installing this upgrade, please ensure that...

  • You extract all of the files from the .zip package to a temporary folder, first.
  • You specify the Armored Task Force install directory.  The installer will not figure this out for you!


Armored Task Force Engine Selected as Ground Combat Model by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

ProSIM Company announced today that its hit wargame, Armored Task Force, was selected by, and is currently in use by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company as a ground combat model to test advanced approaches and weapon systems for close air support. Lockheed Martin and ProSIM are working together to build an enhanced version of Raging Tiger (ProSIM Company’s latest commercial release based on the ATF Engine) that interfaces directly with the company’s Integrated Warfare Development Center (IWDC) Laboratory.  This Raging Tiger custom version will communicate in real time with the IWDC, enabling evaluation of advanced close air support techniques and future weapons in the ATF Engine's real-time ground battle model.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company has been responsible for the development of such legendary aircraft as the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft, the SR-71 "Blackbird" reconnaissance aircraft (the first to fly at speeds in excess of Mach 3), the F-117 Nighthawk (the world's first operational stealth fighter), and the YF-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter (the forerunner of today's F/A-22 Raptor). 

Pat Proctor, President of ProSIM Company, said, “We are very excited about the opportunity to participate in this project.  We feel very strongly that our simulations are the most realistic modern combat simulations commercially available.  And we are honored to be a part of providing the ‘proof of concept’ for the next generation of close air support systems.  We are eager to see the full potential of the Armored Task Force Engine realized.”

To find out more about Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War, click here.  

To find out more about Armored Task Force, click here.


Video Fix for Raging Tiger and Armored Task Force!

We have found a solution to issues some users have had with ATI video cards and Raging Tiger or Armored Task Force. In the past, the only way to fix this problem was to disable hardware acceleration manually every time you wanted to run Armored Task Force or Raging Tiger. But no more!

Here are the steps to use this file:

1. Download the file by clicking here.
2. Extract the files in this zip package (or compressed folder for WinXP) to your ATF or Raging Tiger install directory.
3. Open the file, "fix_readme.txt". Follow the instructions to change your shortcuts.

That's it. That's all there is to it!

Thanks to all of our great customers for their patience while we worked through this issue.


Armored Task Force Selected as Simulation Engine for Next-Generation Training System

ProSIM Company announced today that its hit wargame, Armored Task Force, was selected as the high-fidelity tactical simulation engine for a training system called V-CTC (Virtual Combat Training Center), being developed by Teknowledge Corporation (Nasdaq: TEKC) as part of a DARPA Phase II Small Business Innovation Research project.

The V-CTC seeks to combine an ultra-realistic combined arms, combat simulation and an intelligent tutoring system to provide an engaging, realistic, and rich training experience for combat leaders. ProSIM Company's title, Armored Task Force, will be the tutor's combat simulation engine. It will provide an instrumented battlefield for the tutor to observe and monitor trainee performance in real-time mission scenarios. The developer is currently hard at work, making small modifications to the system to allow it to communicate with Teknowledge's intelligent tutoring system.

Pat Proctor, President of ProSIM Company, said, "We are very excited about the opportunity to participate in this project. We feel very strongly that our simulations are the most realistic modern combat simulations commercially available. They have been used, informally, by army units across the globe to train staff planning and execution for years. We are eager to see the full training potential of Armored Task Force realized."

Dr. Michelle Sams, Teknowledge's Training Systems Program Manager, explained more about the project's overall goal: "The DoD's Combat Training Centers (CTCs) provide invaluable live training opportunities, however these training experiences are limited due to their availability and expense. Providing readily available, relevant, and realistic training prior to and subsequent to CTC rotations can significantly enhance the benefits of these live training experiences. We are developing technology that will improve this training via an intelligent tutor in a simulated environment."

To find out more about Armored Task Force, click here.


Armored Task Force Version 1.04 Released!

ProSIM Company releases an update to its latest release.

We have just completed yet another update to Armored Task ForceVersion 1.04 adds a number of features and corrects a few minor problems with previous releases.

This is a cumulative update, meaning that you do not need to download and install any previous upgrades.  Here is an overview of some of the biggest updates in this release.

  • Terrain breaching is now implemented.
  • Open carrier graphics are now stable.
  • The silent software update now behave properly on machines with modems.
  • Improvements to map building software in the ATF Power Toolkit.

This is just a fraction of the total upgrades in Version 1.04.  To get it now, click here.

We have also updated the demo version of Armored Task Force.  So, if you haven't decided to buy ATF yet, and would like to take a second look, click here.


New ATF Super Site!

Fans of this great game have banded together.

Some of our great fans over at have banded together to build a new Armored Task Force resource center.  At this site, you can find all kinds of database, downloads, and tools for Armored Task Force.

To inaugurate this new site, we have added a bunch of 'XDM' files to their map section.  These map files allow you to build your own, custom ATF maps, using the ATF Power Toolkit.  

To see the new site, Armored Task Force HQ, click here.

We also highly recommend their Armored Task Force/Brigade Combat Team web forum.  To check it out, click here.


ATF Scenario Pack Released

Tons of free content for our great fans!

We have built this scenario pack as our way of saying “Thank you” to all of the great Armored Task Force fans that have supported this game system since its inception. We hope that you will enjoy this additional content as much as we enjoyed building it.

To download it, click here!

This Scenario Pack consists of the following elements:

  • Scenario: “Bihac 1: Desperate Defense”
  • Scenario: “Saudi Arabia 1: Desert Strike”
  • Map: Bihac, Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Map: Wadi Dabl, Saudi Arabia

This Scenario Pack is compressed in a compressed ZIP format. If you have Windows 2000 or Windows ME or later version of Windows, it will appear as a ‘compressed folder’. Otherwise, you will have to have a decompression utility such as WinZip in order to unzip it.

When you extract the files, extract them to the ‘Data’ subdirectory of the Armored Task Force install directory on your computer.

That’s it! If you did everything right, two new scenarios, ‘Bihac 1’ and ‘Saudi Arabia 1’ should appear listed with your other scenarios when you start Armored Task Force and select ‘Begin a New Game’.


Version 1.03 Released

Another big upgrade in response to players like you!

We have just completed work on the Version 1.03 Upgrade for Armored Task Force. It is a part of a concentrated effort to greatly improve the total content for this newest commercial release and comes on the heels of the ATF Scenario Builder help pages and free ATF Scenario Pack.  It is intended to address a few remaining issues from version 1.02, as well as add some more content for users of the ATF Power Toolkit.  Here are a few of the upgrades in this version.

  • Import Maps from BCT

  • Improved Path Finding in restricted Terrain

  • Fix to pK facing problem

  • Power Toolkit stability issues

  • Much more.

We've also updated the demo version of Armored Task Force. So, if you haven't tried ATF yet, or tried it and had reservations, we encourage you to check it out. You can download it here.

To download the Version 1.03 Upgrade, click here.


ATF Scenario Builder Help!

It's finally here! ProSIM has just completed work on new online help pages for its scenario development tools, ATF Scenario Builder and ATF Power Toolkit. These pages are a step-by-step tutorial that walk you through every facet of scenario creation. Here are just a few of the topics covered in the tutorial.

  • Creating an Armored Task Force game map

  • Adding vehicles to the database
  • Creating and editing hierarchies
  • Creating and editing Faction AI scripts
  • Creating graphic pieces for ATF

This is the most comprehensive online help package we have ever created for a ProSIM product. And its all available free, here at our website!

To see the new online help pages, click here.


Version 1.02 Released
We have just completed work on the Version 1.02 Upgrade for Armored Task Force. It is a direct result of input from our great fans on this new release. We have added more features than we have ever included in a single product upgrade before. We couldn't possibly list them all here.  To download the Version 1.02 Upgrade, click here.

Armored Task Force Updates
There's been a lot of activity in preparation for our next commercial release, Armored Task Force.
  We have posted some new screen shots from Armored Task Force. These are significant because they are the first time the public has seen pictures of the Fulda Gap scenarios, set in Germany, 1989. These are also the first pictures showing off the Version 1.01 Upgrade (see below). To see the screenshots, click here.  We have posted Version 1.01 of the Armored Task Force demo. To try out the upgrades, download it here.

Development Complete!
The Armored Task Force development team has completed production on this revolutionary new title. Shrapnel Games has received delivery of the software and will begin shipping pre-orders on 15OCT02. Check out the demo version today. To download it, click here.

DEMO now available!
The Armored Task Force BETA testers and development team are hard at work, putting the finishing touches on this highly anticipated release. While we finish up, we have put together a demo version of the game to whet your appetite. Check out the demo version today. To download it, click here.


BETA Test Is Here!
The Armored Task Force development team has completed work on the coding and is ready to begin post-production work. As part of this process, they will be assembling a team of BETA testers to help erradicate bugs and make final tweaks to the interface. To sign up to be a BETA tester, click here <BETA Closed>.

Friendly AI Almost Complete!
The Armored Task Force development team is almost done with the friendly AI layer for their innovative new release. To give our fans a taste of what the interface will look like, we have released some new screen shots today depicting the interface for the "Company Attack to Breach" order.

BETA Version Screen Shots Released
The Armored Task Force development team released some new screen shots today depicting their progress on the BETA version of the newest comercial release from ProSIM Company. These screen shots show the visual interface for the new, higher-echelon AI features for Armored Task Force. To see the new screen shots, click here.

Alpha Technology Release Goes Gold
Play-testing is complete and the Alpha Technology Release of Armored Task Force is now available for free download. We are offering this product as a free demo on our Demo Page. Shrapnel Games, our publishing partner, has also added new resources. The first is a new Armored Task Force Page, hosted on their server. The secon resource is a new Web Forum, at the Shrapnel Games Intel site.

The Alpha Technology Release is being shipped to play-testers today
We have completed the Alpha Technology Release of Armored Task Force and are shipping CD's today. When the play-testers are done, we will be offering this product as a free demo on our Demo Page. In the meantime, we have posted some more screen shots from the Alpha Technology Release. To see them, click here.

The Team has been assembled!
We have complete sifting through all of the applications and have selected 30 applicants as play-testers for the Alpha Technology Release of Armored Task Force. If you are not one of the selectees, don't get down-hearted. As soon as we have completed testing, we will be releasing the ATR to everyone as a free download! Stay tuned to this site for details on our progress with play-testing.

Alpha Technology Release Testers Wanted!
We're almost there! We are only weeks away from beginning play-testing of Armored Task Force, our next commercial release. We are working on the final draft version of our Alpha Technology Release.

Initial Play-Testing Begins...
We have begun limited, in-house play-testing of Armored Task Force. We are still hoping to begin our Alpha Technology testing next month. We will be putting out a call for play-testers at the beginning of next month. In the meantime, we've posted a few screen shots to whet your appetite. To see them, click here.

Stay abreast of the latest developments...
We've received so many questions about our current project, Armored Task Force, that we have opened a new web page for it. Go to the Armored Task Force web page to stay abreast of our progress on the most awaited release since BCT: Brigade Combat Team hit the street, two years ago. To go the the Armored Task Force Home Page click here.

ProSIM Company is hard at work on their next commercial release. The wargaming world is buzzing about the most anticipated release since BCT: Brigade Combat Team.  Well, rest assured, we are hard at work on Armored Task Force, our next commercial release.  The development team has just released two screen shots from this work in progress.  Click here to see screen shots.

Learn more about the features that we have packed into Armored Task Force

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Screen Shots
See some great screen shots which show off the clean, intuitive interface in Armored Task Force.

Armored Task Force is available now! This page tracks the milestones in its development.

ATF Arena
Check out who's playing who in the Armored Task Force Arena. Find challengers or watch games in progress.

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