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Armored Task Force represents a whole new approach to wargaming.  We have modeled the entire battlefield, practically down to the bolts on the road wheels!  Here is a look at some of the things you can expect to see in the final release:

  • Terrain.  We've started where we left off with BCT Commander adding even more detail to the most detailed terrain ever included in a wargame.  Maps are not abstract hexes or grids, but a continues elevation terrain model, complete with 3D representations of special terrain like trees, roads, and buildings.

  • Single vehicle resolution.  You are still fighting platoons and companies, but underneath are real, physical objects, with more detailed modeling than any wargame ever created! .  If you like, you can control individual vehicles. Or you can use the high-level AI (see below) to manage the details while you concentrate on the big picture.

  • Vehicle Smoke.  Smoke isn't just the purview of artillery and smoke generators any more.  Many vehicles carry their own smoke grenade systems.  Your dismounts will pop smoke and try to disengage.  HE (high explosive) fire missions and destroyed vehicles will produce smoke, too.

Another innovation we have included in Armored Task Force is the improved Artificial Intelligence engine.  You thought BCT was hard?  Well you haven't seen nothin' yet.

  • Friendly AIArmored Task Force features "layered" friendly AI support.  You can tell a company formation, "Attack here!".  Or you can tell it, "Attack here, along this route, in this formation".  Or you can tell it "Attack here, along this route, in this formation, setting support by fire positions here, with these units..."  Well, you get the idea.  You concentrate on the big picture and let Armored Task Force handle the details.

  • Enemy AI.  The enemy has a new, "big picture engine", which makes tactical decisions about the implementation of his combat power based on what he sees about your battle plan.  We're talking decision point tactics here, just like the Russians use!

  • Flexible command levels.  Fight your force at whatever level you choose.  Give orders to companies and watch them execute or manage the movement of individual vehicles.  Switch up these command levels at any time you like. It's up to you.  Armored Task Force allows you to fight the fight at the level you want.

You aren't the only show in town anymore.  Adjacent units will be fighting all around you.  Civilians and neutral forces will clutter the battlefield.

  • Adjacent Units.  When we tell you that your company must cut the breach for the battalion attack, we mean it!  The battalion will REALLY be rolling up behind you.  Your victory conditions will depend on how many of THEM make it through.

  • Cooperative Multiplayer.  Teams clash in a multiplayer environment which can be hosted by almost any medium. Armored Task Force allows up to ten players to meet either in network games or in the all new Armored Task Force Arena.

These are only a few of the features we have included in Armored Task Force.  To find out more, join our Web or E-Mail forum by clicking here.


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