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We would like to continue to develop this list into an online resource for everyone who is interested in modern tactical simulations and all of our titles.  If you have any links you think would be of interest, forward them to the webmaster and we will add them to the list below.

Online Resources

There is a very active community of BCT/ATF/AATF players at  This is an excellent place to go to get news about our games, talk to other players, ask questions about building scenarios, or post and get scenario resources.  Most of our developers hang out there as well, and frequently answer questions.

Shrapnel Games Forums.  This is the location of the official ProSIM Company forum.  Here you will find scenario materials, opponents for online play, and answers to all of your questions about our games.

Virtual-Combat Training Center.  This is the official website for the intelligent tutor system, built using Armored Task Force as a foundation.  This product was built in pursuance to a DARPA-funded contract by Teknowledge Corporation, with ProSIM Company as a sub-contractor.  This is only one of the many projects we have worked on in partnership with military agencies and defense contractors.  For inquiries, contact our contracting agent.


This is only a partial list of the reviews available for BCT and Armored Task Force on the internet.  If you find others we have missed, submit the links to the webmaster and we will add them to the list below.

PC Gamer. "...I can't recommend this game highly enough to serious wargamers..." Daniel Morris

SimHQ. A great review from Thomas Cofield.  Mike Robel wrote a great review of BCT version 1.25 for  The review has some good, in action screen shots from the scenarios, "CENTMTC" and "E1_BLGRD".Mike Robel also wrote a review of BCT Construction set for this magazine.  Click here to read it.

Computer Games Online.  Mike Robel also wrote an earlier BCT: Brigade Combat Team review, of version 1.11, for this magazine.  It has some good, in-game shots from the scenario, "DVDEF".

The Strategy Page.  BCT goes head-to-head against another tactical simulator, TacOps, in this "compare and contrast" article about the two wargames.

Strategy Gaming Online.  Steve Lieb writes an article based on his experience playing "KORATTK".  He was a little hard on the graphics, but it sounds like he liked the game.

Reviews of BCT are also available in print in three different issues of PC Gamer Magazine.

Other Links

 Advanced Gaming Systems.  These are the folks who own the Harpoon computer game franchise. We here at ProSIM Company are big fans of their products and highly recommend them to anyone interested in a serious treatment of modern naval combat. 


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