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Raging Tiger explores the very real possibility of a new, even more violent conflict on the Korean Peninsula.  It has all of the features which Armored Task Force fans have grown to love.  But it also adds a ton of new features, including amphibious warfare, in-game reinforcements, and civilians and refugees on the battlefield.  Click here to see more.

Updates for All of our ATF Engine Titles!

Upgrades Available at Shrapnel Games website!

As we went through the development cycle for Air Assault Task Force, and took what was best from the ATF Engine, we identified a few things we could "police up" in the ATF Engine games. As we have completed development of Air Assault Task Force, we are now able to release all of these improvements to our earlier games, as free upgrades.

These are all cumulative upgrades, so you do not have to install previous upgrades. They are included in these new upgrades.

Below are the links for the downloads page for each title. See those pages, and the "Read Me" file for each game, for a list of the major upgrades in each title.

Armored Task Force
Version 1.08

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War
Version 1.17

The Falklands War: 1982
Version 1.24

The Star and the Crescent
Version 1.33

Installing Multiple Titles in the Same Folder

As a reminder, for all of those who install all of the games on top of one another (to permit playing of older scenarios in the newer engine), you will need to reinstall the release versions of the games as well. Use this install order (omitting any titles you don't have--shame on you--and their respective patches).

ATF -> ATF Upgrade -> RT -> RT Upgrade -> TFW -> TFW Upgrade -> TSATC -> TSATC Upgrade

When you get Air Assault Task Force, you can install it on top of all of these previous games, and play all of the older scenarios in the AATF Engine, complete with the upgrades it provides.


Raging Tiger Version 1.14 Released!

ProSIM Company releases an update to its latest release.

We have just completed our second update to Raging Tiger: The Second Korean WarVersion 1.14 includes all of the updates in Version 1.05 of Armored Task Force.  It also includes the following.

  • External Configuration File.  Some options have been added to the external configuration file:
    • Default database filename.
  • Fix->Mounting Crash.  Mounting units in the scenario builder was causing a crash.  This has been fixed.
  • Fix->Locked Units.  Units and hierarchies locked with the “No Player Input” or “Fire Missions Only” lock type no longer permit path planning or Mission planning.
  • Fix->Mounted Units and Conditions.  An error caused mounted units to be excluded in counts for victory conditions and other purposes.  This has been rectified.
  • Fix->Scenario Wizard.  The scenario builder wizard now selects the correct default database when used to create a new scenario
  • Fix->Dismount Radius.  The “Dismount Radius Rule” was not behaving correctly after loading a saved game.  Also changes to the “Dismount Radius Rule” after it has already been added are now immediately reflected in the edited scenario in the Builder.

This is just a fraction of the total upgrades in Version 1.14.  To get it now, click here.

When installing this upgrade, please ensure that...

  • You extract all of the files from the .zip package to a temporary folder, first.
  • You specify the Raging Tiger install directory.  The installer will not figure this out for you!


Raging Tiger Version 1.13 Released!

ProSIM Company releases an update to its latest release.

We have just completed our first update to Raging Tiger: The Second Korean WarVersion 1.13 adds a number of features and corrects a few minor problems with previous releases.

  • OPORDs.  We’ve placed "Continue" button at top of flash OPORD files to facilitate clicking-through the OPORD.
  • Breaching.  Breaching has been smoothed so that vehicles are less likely to get “hung up” in obstacles.
  • Where’d They Come From.  This scenario had a mis-linked map file.  This has been fixed.
  • Boats on Land.  “Water Only” vehicles could travel on land.  This has been fixed.
  • Amphibious Unit Movement.  A bug caused amphibious units to travel very quickly on water when in formation or March Speed.  This has been corrected.
  • Amphibious Vehicle Specs.  We have corrected some errors in how data was displayed for amphibious units.
  • DirectX Links.  We have also incorporated the video fix that we released in July of this year.  In the "Programs" folder for Raging Tiger, new links are added to run the game in "protected mode", for those users experiencing video problems on their machines.

This is just a fraction of the total upgrades in Version 1.13.  To get it now, click here.

When installing this upgrade, please ensure that...

  • You extract all of the files from the .zip package to a temporary folder, first.
  • You specify the Raging Tiger install directory.  The installer will not figure this out for you!


Armored Task Force Engine Selected as Ground Combat Model by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

ProSIM Company announced today that its hit wargame, Armored Task Force, was selected by, and is currently in use by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company as a ground combat model to test advanced approaches and weapon systems for close air support. Lockheed Martin and ProSIM are working together to build an enhanced version of Raging Tiger (ProSIM Company’s latest commercial release based on the ATF Engine) that interfaces directly with the company’s Integrated Warfare Development Center (IWDC) Laboratory.  This Raging Tiger custom version will communicate in real time with the IWDC, enabling evaluation of advanced close air support techniques and future weapons in the ATF Engine's real-time ground battle model.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company has been responsible for the development of such legendary aircraft as the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft, the SR-71 "Blackbird" reconnaissance aircraft (the first to fly at speeds in excess of Mach 3), the F-117 Nighthawk (the world's first operational stealth fighter), and the YF-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter (the forerunner of today's F/A-22 Raptor). 

Pat Proctor, President of ProSIM Company, said, “We are very excited about the opportunity to participate in this project.  We feel very strongly that our simulations are the most realistic modern combat simulations commercially available.  And we are honored to be a part of providing the ‘proof of concept’ for the next generation of close air support systems.  We are eager to see the full potential of the Armored Task Force Engine realized.”

To find out more about Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War, click here.  

To find out more about Armored Task Force, click here.


Video Fix for Raging Tiger and Armored Task Force!

We have found a solution to issues some users have had with ATI video cards and Raging Tiger or Armored Task Force. In the past, the only way to fix this problem was to disable hardware acceleration manually every time you wanted to run Armored Task Force or Raging Tiger. But no more!

Here are the steps to use this file:

1. Download the file by clicking here.
2. Extract the files in this zip package (or compressed folder for WinXP) to your ATF or Raging Tiger install directory.
3. Open the file, "fix_readme.txt". Follow the instructions to change your shortcuts.

That's it. That's all there is to it!

Thanks to all of our great customers for their patience while we worked through this issue.


Raging Tiger Finished!

We have completed work on the most anticipated wargame release of 2004.

The BETA test team has completed its work and Shrapnel Games is now in post-production of our next commercial release, Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War.  This game explorers the very real possibility of a near-future war on the Korean Peninsula.  It adds tons of new features to the ATF Engine, including amphibious operations and reinforcing units after game start.

In the meantime, we have completed a downloadable demo to whet your appetite.  This demo version includes two scenarios, one featuring ROK marines, and the other featuring coalition operations with ROK-US units fighting towards a single objective.  To download it, click here.

And stay tuned to the Raging Tiger home page for the latest news on this game.


Raging Tiger Screenshots!

Get an exclusive first look at this upcoming release.

We have just posted a ton of new screenshots for the most anticipated release since Armored Task Force hit the streets two years ago.  Get an exclusive first look at Raging Tiger, our upcoming commercial title, scheduled for release in late June of this year.

To see the screenshots, click here.

And stay tuned to the Raging Tiger home page for the latest news on this game.


BETA Test Is Here!

Enroll now to be there when Raging Tiger is born.

The Raging Tiger development team has completed work on the coding and is ready to begin post-production work. As part of this process, they will be assembling a team of BETA testers to help eradicate bugs and make final tweaks to the interface.

We are looking for players experienced with previous ProSIM Company products, such as BCT Commander or Armored Task Force. (No biased toward paying customers ;-) We just haven't finished the help files yet and it will be easier for these players to pick up gameplay.)

If you aren't selected, don't worry. As soon as we have the product together, we will be offering a free demo for download to anyone, to give you a taste of what's to come.

To sign up to be a BETA tester <CLOSED>.


New Raging Tiger website launched

Stay abreast of all the latest development news for this highly anticipated release

The wargaming world is abuzz as this newest ProSIM Company game nears release.  In fact, we have had so many questions that we are launching a new website to track the development.

Stay tuned to the Raging Tiger website for updates on the features that will be included in this ultra-realistic game.  We will be frequently posting updates on the production schedule, latest news, and press releases about the game.

As soon as screenshots are available, they will be posted at this new website first.  And keep coming back to the site, because the demo version, as soon as it is available, will be offered at the Raging Tiger website before it is available anywhere else.


Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War Announced!

The newest addition to the ProSIM Company family is in production.

Prepare yourself. Next summer the balloon goes up and ProSIM and Shrapnel Games is there.

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War is slated for a June 2004 release.  Using the highly praised Armored Task Force game engine as the starting layer Raging Tiger promises to be the best ProSIM title to date, thanks to its lavish attention to detail and playability. For example, Raging Tiger will not use slapped together homebrewed maps that supposedly represent the terrain in Korea. No, gamers can fully expect concise maps that are based on real world digital maps. ProSIM has even acquired Russian military maps for the utmost in authenticity! 

This will not be just an Armored Task Force expansion pack!  Some of the upgrades include the ability to conduct amphibious operations, improved infantry mechanics, and new weather effects to fully take advantage of the uniqueness of Korea. The interface will be streamlined from Armored Task Force, making it easier for new players to jump into the game. The visuals will also see a new facelift, with a stronger focus on the artwork compared to previous titles.  Also expect to deal with chemical warfare, civilians, paramilitaries, and asymetric warfare never seen on a like scale before. North Korea has the world's largest assembly of "special" forces and players can expect to face these sneaky fighters in Raging Tiger in full force.

The campaign structure will be a departure from previous ProSIM titles. Except for the occasional special forces mission, or a mission leading an amphibious assault, play revolves around Joint Task Force Iron. JTF Iron is comprised of units from the U.S. Army, Marines, and Republic of Korea which the player will lead in battle. The campaign, while linear, is story based and told in a storyboard format. One nice feature of this is that the player can jump into the story at any point; missions are not locked. No more banging your head against the desk because you just had to replay a scenario for the tenth time before advancing!

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War is being designed by Curt D. Pangracs, a twenty-year Army veteran with tours in Germany, Korea, and the States. Besides feverishly working on Raging Tiger Curt also provides wargaming simulation support to all the schools within the Command and General Staff College, located at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. 

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War will be the definite treatment of this hypothetical—yet frightfully possible—scenario. As next summer approaches stay tuned for more details of this exciting project!


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