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An Attack Helo Troop on the East German border...

An Attack Helo Troop on the East German border...

... Gets surprised by an Su-25B Frogfoot.

... Gets surprised by an Su-25B Frogfoot.

The friendly AI frees you of much of the individual vehicle, section, and platoon control that you once had to manage.

Designate the location of the Company Attack to Breach...

Company Attack to Breach options page

... And then tell your unit when the attack should begin.

Company Attack To Breach options page.

You can tell the friendly AI how to divide your forces to complete a mission...

Company Attack To Breach options page.

... Or when to abort the attack after taking casualties

The Hierarchy Tree shows that all of your engineers are dead!

Good thing the breaching's done! You're all outta engineers!

Your paladin battalion masses on a target.  Note the platoon flags.

A M109A6 Paladin battalion prepares to masse on a target

The new friendly AI guides your companies to attack the objective

Armored Task Force Attack!

Calling fire on the AT Battery.  Check out the platoon flags.

Your scout platoon has ID'd the AT battery.

Recon sneaks up on an AT battery

A recon HMMWV suprises an AT Battery

Breaching the obstacles while obscured

The breach company reduces the obstacles under cover of smoke

Tank company team assaults through the objective

A tank company/team assaults through the objective

Suppressing an unknown vehicle that is holding up the attack

Smoking and suppressing An unidentified vehicle which holds up the advance.

T-80 MBT's in a prepared Defense

T-80 MBT's moving in an Echelon Right

Tank company team attacks a BMP platoon

M1A2 company team attacks a BMP-2 position

NATO symbol display of M1A1 company team and artillery battery

1:50,000 map with NATO symbols for tank company and artillery battery

A tank platoon maneuvers on the flank of BMP-2 platoon

A tank platoon maneuvers on the flank of a BMP-2 platoon

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