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It's now easier than ever to link up with competitors in the BCT Arena. The BCT Commander's List is a new tool offered free here at ProSIMco.com. Join the list today and add your name to the roles of the most accomplished wargamers in the world. Or choose one of the names from the list below and contact them directly from the Internet to issue your challenge.

BCT Players

Screen Name: Player Name: ICQ Number:Wins:Losses:
CPT PPatrick Proctor51709169
CPT AWilliam Andrews7495419
Kevin Peltz 52464286
Non-CommBrian Oliver53678755
normNorm Lunde2505697
Scoutcraig hoffman16514912
oz_steveSteve Heaton8482837
LTC MikeRMike Robel54608090
TCSimon Ng54642751
PantaPanta Astiazarán26823291
Tekk15David McPheeters40522976
christianChristian Simon
phat_mattmatt johnson
Todd WTodd Warner17595998
SniperDennis Gilks14688563
sctredsolaiman richardson
Sgt MTerry Marquiss43708168
BergmanJosh Berge501
Harry_TwoMatt Fortino19119082
sniperjason shew
Venom 6Marc Feingold
LancerVIMalcolm Elliott33627750
SILENCEREdward Smith
=ElmerFudd=[WIG]Dean Kulas3866299
2LT GAlvin Graham4755552
rich442Richard Crowley76208337
TalonSteve Trueblood
LTG ICEKendall Richardson59234526
SKARStephan Kotze
SargeJoseph Carruthers83080701
LouisLouis Valderdont have one
SelzJason Selzlernone
GaryGary Bezant
mjp66mmike p.
Mark BMark Bisson1772723
gold001cory lomax
shooterjr1Brandon O'Brien
Saber 12Larry Pinkerton


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