Create an All New Scenario
Create an Enemy Battle Plan
Create a New Scenario From an Existing Scenario




Advanced Topics

Edit Weapons in the Database
Add a Vehicle to the Database
Copy Stats from One Vehicle To Another
Edit a Vehicle in the Database
Edit Indirect and Direct Fire Vulnerabilities
Add a Unit to a Scenario

How Do I...

Delete units from a scenario
Add a block of obstacles to a scenario
Add a block of holes to a scenario
Start the BCT OPORD Writer
Draw graphics
Add OPORD elements to a scenario
Move and place units
Move and place holes
Move and place obstacles
Change the facing for a unit
Delete a path
Plan a path for a unit
Place units in defilade
Place units in hold fire
Set the scenario wind and light data
Use the clock to test scenarios
Edit Mission Data
Set Victory Conditions
Add an Enemy Battle Plan to a mission


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